Ticket Information

Tickets for the 2013 Falcon Ridge Folk Festival can be purchased at the gate starting Wednesday, July 31st.

Mail and online ticketing have closed.

Pricing Information FRFF 2013

March 15th to May 15th: Early Bird Prices

May 16th to July 1st: Advance Prices

After July 1st and At Gate: Regular Prices

Single Day Tickets (No Camping)

Children, Teen, College Student & Senior Pricing

No Pets Allowed, Rain or Shine Event, No Refunds, Allow 10 days for delivery.

Pre-fest ticket sales end Tues July 30th at 12:00 noon.

Orders placed after July 15th will be held at Gate.

Gates open for campers Wednesday July 31st.

PLEASE NOTE: All sales final, treat tickets like cash. Keep in a safe place or have held at gate. Festival is not responsible for lost, stolen, destroyed or left at home tickets.

Main Stage Seating Policy

The promoters and staff of Falcon Ridge Folk Festival want all of our patrons, performers, and staff to enjoy the main stage entertainment to its fullest. In order to achieve this Falcon Ridge is instituting a Main Stage Seating Policy that we ask everyone to adhere to from Friday morning through Sunday evening. Thursday's entertainment, as well as the other stages, will be first come, first serve, seating.

  1. Main Stage seating area opens to patrons at 7:00am.
  2. There is a designated walk-in seating area. No unattended tarps or chairs are permitted here.
  3. There is a designated low seating area. Only tarps/blankets and low back chairs are permitted.
  4. A reserved day patron area will be monitored for our day patrons until full each day or until 12:00noon, whichever occurs first.
  5. Maximum tarp size is 9 × 12 feet. No exceptions.
  6. All patrons are allowed to sit on vacant tarps and chairs until the owners return. We ask all of our patrons to use courtesy when using vacant seating.
  7. Main Stage seating area must be cleared following each evening's final performance and will reopen at 7:00am the following morning.
  8. Tents and sun covers are permitted above the posted line. They must be lowered at sundown.
  9. All Music Listening areas - Main Stage, Workshop Stage, Family Stage and Dance Stage - are designated no smoking areas. A smoking area will be established and posted.
  10. Please be courteous to your neighbors, they will be your buddies all weekend.

Pet Policy

The increasing popularity of the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival and our concern for animals has prompted us to change our pet policy.

Please leave your pets at home. They are not allowed on the festival grounds or in the onsite campground areas.

Service animals are welcome.

If you prefer, a list of nearby kennels which may have space for your pet during the festival is available:

We hope that these policies will increase everyone's enjoyment of the performances. Please feel free to comment on our policy on your survey form.